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Prime Minister's Speech at CBCC's Award Gala

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Sun, Jun 13, 2021

GELENK NETWORKS INC. ( is an innovative IT company providing reasonably priced, efficient, and stable networks as well as commercial telephones tailored for small- and medium-sized enterprises. The company founder, Gu Kevin, has working experience in banks for years, and is a senior CISCO Certified Engineer: CCIE#248XX. Since the establishment, GELENK has been working closely with Rogers, Bell, Allstream, and other large network service providers, and built intimate partnerships with CISCO, Lenovo, HUAWEI and other world-renowned IT vendors. GELENK has a powerful technical team and brand service providers. The team members all enjoy over ten years of professional experiences in the field and have taken important positions in banks, operators and large IT enterprises.

GELENK treasures your every need and offers the most professional, safe, stable network tailored for you in all aspects. Our convenient IP telephone system allows you to experience unprecedentedly high-quality communications services. GenVoice network phone, GELENKĄ¯s own brand, is not only functional, convenient, and stable, but also reasonably priced. The voice quality, powerful function, and flexible settings make it the best choice for your office operations.

Choose GenVoice - Where there is the Internet, there comes our phone, whether it is Wi-Fi or the Ethernet cable. With no operator and place limitations, GenVoice empowers your communication system.

Use GenVoice ¨C Enough with the traditional program-controlled telephone with high monthly fees and inefficient service! GenVoice allows you to pay as you use, and the rate of only 1 cent/min makes you closer to your customer. (For more rate information, please visit

Besides, our cloud system is flexible to add a variety of functions, such as intelligent voice messages and intelligent call forwarding. In the case of a network failure, the calls will automatically be transferred to your phone. No phone call will be missed

We support a number of brand phones as follow.

You are welcome to call us at 647-869-8220. Our engineers will be on-site to demonstrate the GenVoice phone system to you and offer a free Network Assessment worth $200. We sincerely look forward to your inquiry!
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